Stephen White Photography | Wexford, Ireland.

Cormorant, Saltee Islands, Wexford.Cormorant, Saltee Islands, Wexford.Four Puffins on the side of the cliff, Saltee Islands, Wexford.Gannet's, Saltee Islands, Wexford.Puffin 2, Saltee Islands, Wexford.Puffin resting on rock, Saltee Islands, Wexford.Razrobill 2, Saltee islands, Wexford.Razrobill 4, Saltee islands, Wexford.Razrobill, Saltee islands, Wexford.Rocks at Sea, Saltee Islands, Wexford.Rocks Covered in Seaweed, Saltee Islands.Cormorant's, Saltee Islands, Wexford.Tintern Abbey Forest, Wexford.Broken Gate, Saltee Islands, Wexford.Ruined Arch, Tintern Abbey, Wexford.Forest Path, Tintern Abbery, Wexford.Ruins in the Forest, Tintern Abbey, Wexford.Path through the Forest, Tintern Abbey.Hook Head Lighthouse, Wexford